Dear Users,

Picykite's server is down for financial issues. We apologize for this. But we will soon be back. Support us and bring us back. And at this point if you all donate something it will help us to return. Or else Picykite will shutdown for ever. Looking forward for all of your support.
Thank You
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Message from Gamededo

Dear Picykite's VWB players, sorry for the problem that you are facing. But Picykite are facing financial issues right now. So we are unable to continue the game with picykite. If possible please donate for the picykite to keep it running. Hope to see all your support for the game and picykite too. And We will soon be running the game again on picykite if its online.

Or As you all know Vampire Wars begin is comming soon on Facebook with few days.

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Thank You
Gamededo Team
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